Retained executive search remains the most effective, expedient and engaging way to interact with potential talent at the senior level. With a majority of professionals open to considered presentation of the right opportunity, working on a retained basis offers significant benefits both in terms of finding the right talent, and then retaining it.

Research, Mapping and Sourcing

The combination of confidential search and proactive networking creates a campaign of real depth with multiple points of entry to the available candidate community and will allow us to create an excellent pool of motivated candidates in a timely and efficient manner. We will identify prospective candidates across the world, capable of undertaking the roles, whom we will approach to assess suitability and interest.

GCC Global Candidate Network

Even for roles at a senior level and/or of a specialist nature, we will identify any potential Candidates on the GCC Search CRM and GCC Search network, currently consisting of over 500,000 African graduates and professionals.

In addition, we will screen our industry contacts to target active and passive candidates within the global, regional and local markets.

Alumni and Client Ambassadors

GCC Search has recruited more than 8,500 professionals into Africa who act as ambassadors, and has a strong network of Client Ambassadors. Your role will be promoted confidentially to this alumni group, for their own information and for their power as a source of referrals.


For each role, during the Kick-Off Stage, we will develop a 360° view of your ideal candidate and submit a Person Specification summarising our understanding. From this we will develop longlisting and shortlisting criteria which will be applied methodically to all applications, creating a rigorous process with transparent, reliable outputs for the next stage of the process. Following the market-mapping and networking, we will conduct telephone and/or video conference interviews with all candidates who meet the key selection criteria. In these calls, we would establish their suitability for the role and cultural fit for the organisation.

The interview calls would cover the following:

  • Competencies and experience
  • Career history and aspirations
  • Level of interest and views on your company
  • Salary/salary expectation
  • Issues around location/relocation
  • Availability/notice period
  • Assessment as to their suitability for the role against the key selection criteria
  • Areas for further probing and consideration

Shortlist Preparation

A shortlist document will be sent to you once the longlist of candidates has been reduced to the most suitable group. The document is a combination of thoughtfully presented candidate profiles, comparison tables and interview notes which are curated to make your interview selections, and the interviews themselves, as straightforward and rewarding as possible.

Offer Management

Once the successful candidate has been selected, GCC Search will support you with all follow-up candidate management and engagement as required. This part of the process is particularly customisable, with the necessary combination of candidate management, interview scheduling, interview participation, assessment management, offer negotiation and referencing a matter for individual employers on a role by role basis.