Managing Director in Nigeria

Our Client

A regional financial services firm which offers integrated retirement, investment, life and insurance solutions to create, grow and protect their clients’ wealth and assets.

Their Requirements

The company was originally established in South Africa and is listed on the JSE. GCC Search has a long-standing relationship with the business and assisted them in recruiting actuaries for their core business. They had aggressive growth plans for developing their market in Africa and as such a need arose for a Managing Director in Nigeria which is one of the markets with the biggest potential outside of South Africa.

The client was specific in their requirements with a strong preference for a Nigerian candidate with international experience but also possessed market and industry knowledge.

Our Solution

We advertised the job onto our sister company’s CareersinAfrica website, to attract candidates with international experience with a specific target to Nigeria, UK and US. Simultaneously, we conducted a comprehensive review of our CRM system which has approximately 53,000 Nigerian candidates of which, 40% are based in Nigeria and 60% based in the UK and US respectively.

Upon further research, we discovered that the Nigerian government at the time was controlling the number of licences allocated to pension firms and we were able to obtain a list of the companies with approved licences. Therefore, we also targeted suitable candidates of relevance at these particular companies.

The Outcome

Within 4 weeks, we presented a shortlist of 3 candidates all of whom had international experience. The shortlist comprised of a candidate from an international competitor, a BIG-4 candidate who was a diaspora from the USA and a candidate who used to work with a leading pension firm. The client was very happy with our shortlist and conducted the interviews immediately. After 4 rounds of interviews, a leadership assessment and a final round panel interview in South Africa, the client had finalised with the chosen candidate.

Client Comment

“It wasn’t an easy search. Although we were very determined to develop a new market, like Nigeria, but we were not fully aligned internally in terms of the right profile. Given the complexity of our structure, to find an individual who could satisfy all the stakeholder was a big challenge. First of all, GCC did a great job to present a shortlist with a mix of different profiles to help us refine our criteria. Secondly, they were very sensible on managing different stakeholders during the process and provided the right information in a timely manner assisting us to align and reach a conclusion efficiently. I didn’t feel I was working with an external agency but rather our internal HR Business Partner. I trust them.”

Candidate Comment:

“GCC’s consultant’s ability to manage differing expectations between prospective employer and a prospective employee was outstanding. The consultant had a sense of the internal dynamics and complexities that is usually associated with big organizations. My 'wow' moment with the consultant was not during the recruitment process but after I started in my role – I had several calls to ensure that I settled in very well and that she was there to assist in the event of any challenges.”